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Sandra J Howell


Sandra J Howell was the first breeder of the American Curly horse in Massachusetts. One of her mares, in foal, was chosen by a farm in Sweden to begin their foundation Curly horse program.

A semi-retired professor, Howell teaches distance courses for a local college and has written extensively about Curly horses in equine magazines. She has been featured on television, radio, and in news publications. Recently, she was a guest on Women Of Worth (WOW) a popular cable show in Northbridge, MA. 

In her Equine novels, she shares her passion for rescue horses and therapeutic riding programs. She is the author of the Samantha Steele book series, Spirit of a Rare BreedSaving GiGi, Golden Horse and Lost Legacy.  The series is speckled with humor, sage advice, romance, strong intriguing women, and exciting mysteries. Her books are suitable for readers of all ages.

Howell also collaborates with co-author Courtney Vail in writing the five-book series, Angels Club. The award-winning, action-filled adventure novels are fun reads for boys and girls. The series title Angels Club is named after a rescued Curly mare who lives at Sunnybrook Farm. The series focuses on diversity, school bullying, rescue horses, and shows readers how they can empower themselves by helping others. The 6th book in the series is due out January 2022.

The beautifully illustrated children’s book Angels Journey is suitable for early readers and as a read aloud for younger children.

Howell was the founding member and secretary of the WM Authors Selling Books club. She is the secretary of the Scantic River Artisans, member of Scantic Valley Riders, and member of the Independent Publishers of New England. Her novels are showcased at the Equine Affaire, Equine magazines, and are promoted through Equine organizations and libraries.

Website: WestRidgeFarmPublishing   Angels Club

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