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Sandra J Howell


Sandra J. Howell is a college professor and an avid horse enthusiast. She was the first breeder of the American Curly horse in Massachusetts. Her lifelong passion for the breed led her to pen the Samantha Steele Adventures and Mysteries, Spirit of a Rare Breed, Saving Gigi, Golden Horse, and Lost Legacy. Her novels are speckled with humor, sage advice, light romance, intriguing women, and horses. While Curly horses star in each book, other breeds also take center stage. Her avid support to educate the public on the plight of wild mustangs compelled her to weave their story into her books. In her speaking engagements she highlights this issue.


She also pens the diverse and motivational award-winning Angels Club Series with co-author Courtney Vail, teaching readers of all ages about the benefits of therapeutic riding and horse rescue while tackling current social issues such as bullying and how being kind in our everyday lives can make a difference. The Angels Club series received the 2023 award and grant from Unify Against Bullying, allowing the series to be gifted to organizations.

Howell’s novels are showcased at the Taborton Book kiosk at the Equine Affaire held each November in West Springfield and are available to local libraries. 


Her newest release, Izzy, The Reluctant Spy, is on target to become a best seller and book club choice. 

Howell has been a contributing writer featuring the American Curly Horse for equine journals and magazines. She has been featured on television, radio talk shows, and newspapers and has been a guest on the cable show Women of Worth, located in Northbridge, MA. She is scheduled to be a guest on the show again to discuss her latest novel.


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