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Great turnout for our 6th Annual Juried Show on June 1st and 2nd


Thank you to the artists who displayed their work, to our artisans, the entertainers, the judges and to the volunteers that made it happen.  The show featured one hundred and twelve entries for judging and awards. Lastly, a big thank you to the community who came out to enjoy and support the arts.

Congratulations to the award winners!


1st Place: Joe Burger - Who's the Boss

2nd Place: Gregg Rubeck - Words of Love

3rd Place: Deb Penna - Rockport Siding

Honoree: Madelyn Miller - Apple a Day



1st Place: Christine Sterritt - Nice Kitty?      

2nd Place: Bev Corriveau - Amaryllis   

3rd Place: Jean Zampiceni - The Quilt

Honoree: John Collins - Red Carrera



1st Place - Rosemary Polletta - A Child’s Curiosity

2nd Place – Sarah Crouser - Brown Pelican

3rd Place - James Gillen - Spiral Staircase

Honoree – Sarah Crouser - Nazca Boobies



1st Place - Eileen Hodge - Summer Beauty

2ndPlace - Cathy Guidetti - Golden Hour

3rd Place - Donna Villamaino - Maple Sugar Time

Honoree - Donna Villamaino - Grandma's Swing



1st Place - Joanne Tebaldi - P' Town

2nd Place - Laura Salerno - The Pond

3rd Place - Nan Hurlburt - Walk About

Honoree - Nan Hurlburt - Abandoned


Mixed Media

1st Place - Laura Salerno - Treasures

2nd Place - Brian McQuillan - Darwin was my Daddy

3rd Place - Ceil Rossi - Harry the Hawk

Honoree - Cheryl Perrault - Calla Lilies


Emerging Student Artists

Victoria Harrington - Consent, Digital Honoree

Lindsay Labadorf - Your So Lazy, Mixed Media Honoree

Abby Pastore - Vanity, Mixed Media Honoree

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