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Chris Sterritt 

I have been drawing and painting for as far back as I can remember. I received an oil painting kit for Christmas from an Aunt when I was 13 and fell in love with the medium. About ten years ago, I tried watercolors. Many classes and workshops later, I've discovered that I love watercolor painting as much as oils. I have also taken quite a few pastel workshops.


I am retired after enjoying a long career as a graphic artist and art director at Hasbro Games, formerly Milton Bradley. I designed many game boxes and game boards in my 20 years at Hasbro. After Hasbro, I returned to college and earned a degree in Photography. Between photography and painting, my retirement days are very full. I am currently a member The Scantic River Artisans of Hampden MA. 


My husband and I enjoy traveling and spending lots of time with our eight grandchildren.  

Contact: Chris Sterritt.    email:  Phone:  413 537 8162 

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